The Global Missions Health Conference is only a couple months away. This annual conference is a tradition for Blessings International, and one that we look forward to every year.If you haven't yet registered for GMHC 2023, here are five reasons to attend.

1. You have a dream and need help bridging the gap

"God is calling me to serve abroad after I graduate.""I want to start a clinic.""We're wanting to serve more communities."These are all statements we hear from attendees. We love hearing the dream God has put in their hearts and then helping show them how we can come alongside, essentially filling one more piece of the puzzle. Often, they'll get excited or show relief, and then tell us that so many pieces had already come together in just a couple days of the conference, often with chance conversations and providential meetings.

2. You want to create connections

Egbe Clinic exhibiting at GMHC 2021

Every year, we're privileged to meet new people who are advancing global health. It's truly inspiring to see many organizations and individuals come together, form partnerships, and go forth to make an impact. Two years ago, we met Robert Read with Egbe Hospital, and we were able to help supply medicines for the hospital in Nigeria.But we weren't Egbe Hospital's only connection. “We met a ministry that helped us procure an expensive piece of medical equipment for a fraction of the cost,” Robert told us. “And they also support the maintenance of the equipment. This [connection] would have been unlikely were it not for the GMHC.”It just goes to show, it's not what you know, it's where you go.

3. You want to learn from experience--and others' experiences

Dr. Barry Ewy teaching at GMHC 2019

According to GMHC's website, there is a line-up of approximately seventy speakers at 2023's conference. From plenary sessions to breakout sessions, there is no shortage of wisdom to soak up.

Hear recordings here of previous sessions Blessings International has hosted in past years. 

4. You enjoy meeting people from multiple nations

There's a reason why it's called the GLOBAL Missions Health Conference. Not only are attendees interested in promoting health and the gospel in every corner of the world, but people also come from all over the world to attend. In many cases, it's how we've met some of our partners face-to-face for the first time---even after working together for years. 

5. You will be seeking God corporately

Passion for Jesus. A vision for global health. A heart for missions. How often do you join a gathering of people who have all three of those things in common?Worship time at GMHC is like a small glimpse of what it will be like when God's children from every nation and  generation are joined together in heaven to praise Him. If you’re as excited about these things as we are, we encourage you to register.

We look forward to seeing you in Louisville, Kentucky, November 9-11 for GMHC 2023

Blessings International is a sponsor of Global Missions Health Conference.