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Medication Repackaging Service Now Available!


At Blessings International, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make your mission outreaches easier and more effective. With the introduction of our Medication Repackaging Service, we believe we have done just that!


Through our partnership with Omer Medical Logistics, located in South Carolina, we have acquired state of the art repackaging equipment that was formerly utilized by OML to repackage vitamins. The equipment has already been integrated into our FDA licensed and approved production facility. We are able to offer vitamins, diabetes medicine, blood pressure medicine, and analgesics for repackaging. The packaging of the medicine will be specific to the team ordering the medicine and the labeling will be available in 22 different languages.


Blessings International’s CEO, Barry Ewy, stated at the time of the acquisition: “We are honored to partner with OML in bringing this innovative and valuable process to both the teams and organizations we serve and as well as those OML has been serving. Having a process that improves safety and compliance for those being served is a very valuable resource that we are excited to be a part of.”


The Medication Repackaging Service order information is available on our Order page.

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MRS Beyond-Use Dates Increase to 12 months

All medicines and vitamins packaged through our medication repackaging service (MRS) now have extended beyond-use dates! Packets now have a twelve-month span of usage, compared to the previous nine-month span.

An extra three months of medication for a person with diabetes or a full nine months of prenatal vitamins for an expectant mother is significant, and so we’re excited for this advancement. We are steadily moving forward to increase the beyond-use dates on this relatively new service, and we are grateful for this next milestone.

MRS is a service we offer which packages individual packets of vitamins, diabetes medicine, high blood pressure medicine, and analgesics. Labeling is available in twenty-two languages, and packets can come in quantities of thirty, sixty, or ninety tablets. The beyond-use date is determined from the time of packaging.

To place an MRS order, download the Medication Repackaging Service order form at

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