The following is a list of operational requirements which medical missions must meet and concur with before Blessings International will commence and/or continue shipments of pharmaceuticals to them.

  1. IMPORT FOR EXPORT DISCLOSURE: All medicine with IMPORT FOR EXPORT or IFE in the description has been formulated for use outside of the USA only. If medicine of this category has been ordered, you hereby agree that it will not be used within the USA or any of its possessions & territories. Additionally, you agree that medicine of this category will not be returned to the USA. Further, you agree that all medicine on the accompanying order will not be used in or returned to the USA.
  2. A physician must obtain proper approval to practice medicine in the country where the mission is located.
  3. If a clinic or hospital is operated, there must be a permit from the region, state or province of its location. A permit must be obtained for importation of drugs duty free, if required.
  4. A physician must be responsible for the appropriate utilization, dispensation and safety in storage of all drugs.
  5. Pharmaceuticals obtained from Blessings International must be used only for the treatment of indigent patients; for short term medical missions teams (those less than 3 months, they are not to be sold or exchanged or transferred for money, property, or services.
  6. Pharmaceuticals must not be used in a government-operated hospital or clinic except by specific permission.
  7. Pharmaceuticals will be distributed and employed in a way that glorifies God.
  8. Within 30 days of return from the medical mission trip, a signed Pharmaceutical Feedback Form must be returned to Blessings International. Failure to do so will prevent our ability to serve you in the future.


Please contact us at 918.250.8101 to discuss the possibility of a Return Authorization. Kindly note we are unable to accept any product that has left the country. Additionally, we are unable to accept medication that has been subjected to temperatures less than 50 degrees F or more than 100 degrees F for an extended period of time or subjected to humidity above 60% for an extended period of time.


If an overpayment results, your billing contact will be notified by mail of a credit balance on your account and will be offered a refund. Refunds are not automatically sent for security reasons. A credit balance may be held on your account if you plan on reordering in the next 30 days. All refunds are issued via check.


Credit card numbers are used for payment processing and are not retained. Credit card numbers from online payments are never in the possession of Blessings International but rather are processed through a third party master merchant.


Payment through Blessings International’s website are processed on a secure server location that uses SSL encryption technology. SSL encrypts user’s data, including credit card or checking account information, so that it cannot be read while being transferred over the internet. Blessings International’s software is secured with filters, firewalls, and encryption. Computer systems utilized by Blessings International are password protected and secured with filters that prohibit access to unauthorized users. Data is available to qualified persons on a need-to-know basis only.

I have read and accept responsibility to fulfill all of the requirements of medical missions as the conditions for the management and distribution of all pharmaceuticals and/or medical supplies obtained through Blessings International.