Serving safety-net clinics and pharmacies nationally.

How We Serve in the U.S.

Blessings International partners with free and charitable safety-net clinics–as well as pregnancy resource centers and pharmacies–across the United States. These safety-net clinics provide healthcare for those who often have nowhere else to turn.

At Blessings International, we recognize that one major obstacle for safety-net providers is access to a consistent supply of affordable medications. Our mission is to fill in the gaps between patient assistance programs (PAP) and donated medicines by offering low-cost and subsidized medicines to reach the most vulnerable patient populations.

Our desire is to provide exceptional customer service, long expiration dates, and consistent inventory. We purchase all of our medicines to ensure we maintain a robust inventory so that our partners do not lack in providing the most dependable, compassionate care for their patients.

What We Offer U.S. Clinics

  • Regular discounts on listed prices* for all US-based clinics and pharmacies
  • Long-dated medicine
  • Ability to ship prescription medicine to 48 states
  • Ability to ship OTC items, vitamins, and supplies to all 50 states
  • Consistent inventory
  • Free shipping

*While funding is available. Discounts are applied at the time of invoicing.

You are indeed helping us provide health-sustaining prescription medications to a number of people who might not otherwise have access to them.
—A domestic charitable clinic partner
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