Supplying those who support life.

Blessings International is pleased to support life by supplying pregnancy resource centers with a consistent inventory of prenatal vitamins, pharmaceuticals, and supplies.

We believe honoring life and helping mothers is as much a mission as overseas and local medical mission service. And thanks to our donors, we are able to offer US-based pregnancy centers a significant discount on all orders, as well as free shipping on any sized order.

What We Offer Pregnancy Centers

  • Regular, significant discounts on listed prices* for all pregnancy centers
  • Long-dated products
  • Consistent inventory
  • Free shipping

*While funding is available. Discounts are applied at the time of invoicing.

To view our US-based-clinics catalog, go here.

To begin the order process, apply for a customer account or login.

"The supply of PPE and medications for our STD and pregnancy patients has enabled us to be available and prepared when people walk through our doors."

—A pregnancy center in Wichita Falls, TX

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