Supplying those who go into all the world.

International Mission Teams

Blessings International partners with short-term medical volunteers who are providing healthcare in a provisional, clinical, or hospital setting. We serve a large variety of medical teams, organizations, and individuals such as churches, universities, healthcare providers, students, residents, dental providers, and more.

How We Serve Teams

By supplying high-quality, low-cost pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, we help you provide hope and healing to those who have little or no access to healthcare.

We maintain a consistent, long-dated inventory of essential and specialized medicines, many of which are on the World Health Organization model list of essential medicines. We also supply non-medical items such as reading glasses, sunglasses, coloring books, and vitamins to enable you to offer hope and care in other practical forms.

In the last five years, Blessings’ products have been sent or taken by teams to 134 nations.

Our ministry to the local blessed by the medicines and medical supplies we bring with us from Blessings International in Africa and Middle East.! B.I. products are precious cargo we bring in the name of Jesus!
~a partner serving in 31 countries
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