Can PPE save an unborn life?

At the very beginning of the shutdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center—a crisis pregnancy resource center in Wichita Fall, Texas—was forced to close for two weeks because they did not have any personal protective equipment. Without PPE, they could not keep their staff or patients safe. But even while the pandemic was in its early stages and shutdowns were happening everywhere to keep people safe, the staff was doing everything they could to have the clinic open.

“Ladies were still facing crisis pregnancies,” Elizabeth Sanderson, nurse manager at the Center, said, “and we needed to be open to be there for them as an alternative to abortion.”

When their usual suppliers could not offer any PPE due to the overwhelming demand, the Center turned to Blessings International. Fortunately, a shipment had recently come in and we were able to supply the Center with the PPE they so desperately needed. As a result, the Center was able to open again.

Not long after, Cindy* came into the clinic for a pregnancy test. Upon finding out she was pregnant, “it was determined that she was abortion determined,” Elizabeth explained. “She was transferred over to our medical staff for abortion consultation and education and we were able to encourage her to come back for a sonogram.”

When Cindy and her boyfriend returned two days later, they saw the ultrasound. The baby’s heartbeat was strong and lively, and it changed the hearts of the mom and dad."

The sonogram was the catalyst in changing hearts [that day].”

Can PPE save an unborn life? Absolutely.

"If it were not for Blessings International, we would not have been open that week because of our lack of PPE. Thank you, Blessings International, for saving the life of this precious baby!"

*Not her real name