MRS Beyond-Use Dates Increase

All medicines and vitamins packaged through our medication repackaging service (MRS) now have extended beyond-use dates. All packets now have a nine-month span of usage, compared to the previous six-month span.

An extra three months of medication for a person with diabetes or a full nine months of prenatal vitamins for an expectant mother is significant, and so we’re excited for this advancement. We are steadily moving forward to increase the beyond-use dates on this relatively new service, and we are grateful for this next milestone.

MRS is a service we offer which packages individual packets of vitamins, diabetes medicine, high blood pressure medicine, and analgesics. Labeling is available in twenty-two languages, and packets can come in quantities of thirty, sixty, or ninety tablets. The beyond-use date is determined from the time of packaging.

To place an MRS order, download the Medication Repackaging Service order form at