Anti-Malarial Medicine

Gifts will be limited to the following quantities to teams qualified to order medicine through Blessings International:

Artemether / Lumefantrine – 50 packages of 24 tablets (each package treats 1 adult or 2 children) Part #0321

Chloroquine Tablets – 15 bottles of 100 tablets (each bottle treats 6 adults or 12 children) Part # 2744

Chloroquine Liquid – 20 bottles of 60 ml (each bottle treats 1 or 2 infants/children) Part # 0011

For additional information on the free anti-malarial medicine program, please contact our Customer Service Team at 918-250-8101

Or email Blessings Customer Service • Blessings Customer Services

You can help us provide even more free anti-malarial medicine by donating to our MALARIA MEDICINE FUND here