Special Projects

Blessings International supports many special projects around to heal the hurting, build healthy communities and transform lives.  Blessings’ donors make a huge difference lives around the world by providing pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to people across the globe.  To make a donation to any of Blessings Special projects click here.  Recent special projects have included:

  • 4 year TB and malaria eradication program in remote northern Myanmar in which Blessings paid all the staff, equipment, housing, training and pharmaceutical costs for a team of 12 people to test and treat people in three different villages.  400 TB patients were treated and over 8,000 people were tested for malaria, around half of which received treatment
  • Disaster Emergency Relief–for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines
  • Free malaria treatment medicines for teams traveling to Africa
  • Subsidized medicines for teams traveling to Haiti
  • Special shipments of medicines to Papua New Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Subsidized medicines for community medical clinics in the USA