Helpful Publications/Books

Blessings wants to help you and your team be successful on your upcoming mission trips! We have found that a number of books can give you a great deal of information to ensure that you are well prepared. To order any of the books listed here, please register, download and complete the B.I. standard Order Form. Or you can contact our staff directly at gro.g1493408654nisse1493408654lb@of1493408654ni1493408654 or via phone if you would like to order the book without making a pharmaceutical order.

A Comprehensive Guide To Missions

Karen Bean, RN

B.I. Price:  $35.00

Comment on book: “This guide was written by a medical missionary with years of experience in multiple locations around the world. It is designed to be a practical manual  for anyone involved in foreign missions.”


Infectious and Tropical Diseases, A  Handbook for Primary Care

Kwan-Gett, Kemp and Kovarik: Mosby/Elsevier
ISBN 9780-323 02711-3
B.I. Price: $57.50

Comment on book: “This is a very helpful, concise clinical reference manual for various diseases that will be encountered in the field. Easy to use with clear, well-organized information including index, tables and appendix.”


Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries, Third Edition

Palmer and Wolf, CMDA and Paul Tournier Institute
ISBN 9780-9706631-6-0
B.I. Price: $46.00


CDC Health Information for International Travel: The Yellow Book 2010 Edition

Brunette et al: Mosby/Elsevier
ISBN 9780-702 03481-7
B.I. Price: $30.20

Comment from Debi Lammert , RN, B.I. Director of International Development:  “This book contains helpful information on travel medicine and travel issues. It is particularly good for traveler preparation.”


Other Books/Resources

Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine

Eddleston, Davidson, Brent, and Wilkinson: Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780-19 920409-0


Handbook for Short-Term Medical Missionaries

Steffes, Bruce and Michelle: ABWE Publishing
ISBN 1888-79-6316