Welcome to Blessings International

Would you like to help Blessings International heal the hurting, build healthy communities and transform lives? 100% of every dollar you give is used to provide medicines or medical supplies to the sick around the world.

Blessings receives donations solely for the purpose of donating pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to the places where they are most needed, not to fund our own operations.

If you would like to help, you can give to one or more of several benevolence projects. These include:

Malaria Medicine Fund You can partner with us to equip medical mission teams with free antimalarial medicine by giving to the Malaria Medicine Fund (click here for info). 100% of your gift will go towards providing free medicine.  The more donations we receive in this fund, the more medicine we can give away!

Medicines for Orphans Fund-Including the Haiti Orphan Medical Support (HOMS) Project: Blessings International works to support homs-logo-colororphanages around the world by providing free or discounted medicines. In Haiti, Blessings has created the HOMS project which is now providing regular medical care to 17 orphanages and more than 750 children. That project costs $45,000 per year for medicines and the salaries for three staff members. You can read more about the HOMS project if you Click Here.

Emergency Disaster Relief Fund:  which provides emergency medicines to teams traveling to disaster sites such as the earthquake in Nepal, or to treat victims of typhoons or Syrian war victims.

Missions Partnership Fund:   This provides pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to teams traveling to the most needy and neglected parts of the world.  Donations to this fund have been used to provide medicines to places like Papa New Guinea, many areas of Africa and Asia and throughout the world.

USA Fund: Some of our neighbors cannot afford medical care and receive free care at medical clinics located around the USA.  Donations to this fund are used to provide free medicines and supplies to medical clinics in the USA.

Bless the Nations Fund:  This fund was set up to provide medicines to permanganate medical clinics which are owned and managed locally.

Text to Give on your Phone:

Text “Medicines” to 41444

Giving Through Your Employer

A number of government employers and private companies make it possible for you to give directly through payroll deduction.  Blessings receives donations through these direct giving campaigns.  Giving to Blessings International directly through your employer is an easy way to give to the needy and hurting around the world.

Federal Employees:  If you work for the Federal Government (military, postal , federal staff, etc.)



you can give through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).  The CFC number to indicate for Blessings International is #11864

State and Local Government Employees:  Blessings International is included in a number of giving campaigns run by state and local governments.  Look through the list of the charities in your campaign to see if you can donate to Blessings International

Private Company Employees: Many companies around the USA offer programs to enable their employees to give directly via payroll deductions.  A number of these companies even match their employee’s donations!  See if Blessings International is one of the charities included in your company’s charitable giving program, and if it isn’t, contact the campaign coordinators in your company to see if Blessings can apply to be included.

Amazon Smile: If you purchase items through Amazon.com you can choose to have a portion of your purchases donated to Blessings International.  For more information click the “get started” button in the banner to the right.

Thank you so much for your gifts to Blessings International!

Blessings International CFC# 11864