Blow Away Malaria


Did you know that 214 million people are infected with malaria each year (according to the World Health Organization-WHO). The WHO also reports that 438,000 people die annually of the treatable disease.

Blessings is working to fight malaria, and you can help!

Each year on World Malaria Day (April 25th) Blessings International works to raise funds to give away antimalarial medicine to as many medical teams as possible. In an attempt to raise additional funds, this year we will also be attempting to set a world record for the most pinwheels in a row! We have been in contact with representatives at Guinness World Records® and they have told us what we need to do to set the record.

Here is how you can help! We will be placing 1070 pinwheels in a row—each one representing 200,000 people infected with the disease annually. We are seeking sponsors for each pinwheel—for $10 each.  The more money we receive, the more antimalarial medicine we can give away! The world record attempt will be made in front of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 4250 West Houston Street (81st) Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


100% of all donations will go to provide free antimalaria medicine.

Click here if you would like to donate to our Malaria Medicine Fund!  Or text NoMalaria to 41444

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