Transparency and Accountablity

Blessings International is, at its core, a Christian ministry set up to demonstrate the love of Christ to the hurting around the world.  The ministry also strives to uphold the values of Christ and apply them to every area of our work.  Blessings has an independent Board of Directors made mostly of medical professionals.  It also annually submits to an external auditor and has for many years. 

Blessings International has also been a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability since 1990. We meet their seven standards of responsible stewardship:

Guidestar has recognized Blessings’ commitment to transparency as part of its determination to give Blessings International its Platinum Star rating.PUT SEAL_platinum_2016-06-22 (1)

In taking these actions, we believe that B.I. is  worthy of donor’s trust because we are being ““faithful in little things” so that we will also be “faithful in large ones.” (Luke 16:10)


Board of Directors
Audited Financials
Annual Report
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Conflict of Interest Policy
Whistleblower and Anti-Retaliation Policy