Impact Statement

Blessings International has provided pharmaceuticals to thousands of traveling medical teams going to more than 140 different nations since the ministry was created in 1981.

As a result thousands of people  received medical care ever year.  During natural or man-made disasters, B.I. has equipped teams who are some of the first to arrive, assess and bring care to victims of such events as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, famines and even wars. Unknown numbers of lives have been saved because of medicines Blessings has made available at low or subsidized costs.   Additionally, the medical personnel including teams of doctors, nurses, dentists, as well non-medically trained individuals including the clergy, volunteers and professional aid workers who have carried B.I.’s medicines to remote locales have also brought the love and good news of Christ to those who have received the medical care.

Truly, the impact Blessings International has had on countless lives during its more than three decades of providing medicines to the sick and impoverished around the world is huge and incalculable.

Blessings International not only provides pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to around 3,000 teams traveling around the world each year, but it also collects donations which are used for special projects, such as subsidizing the medical costs for teams working in disasters (such as teams going to Haiti), in indigent medical clinics in the USA and for a Tuberculosis and Malaria Treatment Program in remote Northern Myanmar.  Blessings will continue to search out ways to use medicine and donations to help heal the suffering around the world for years to come.