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Blessings International exists to provide medicine and medical supplies for medical missions, emergency disaster relief and community medical development in places of the world where basic healthcare is lacking. Blessings makes pharmaceutical and other medical supplies available to Christian medical missions teams, emergency relief teams, dental teams and others providing critical medical services to areas of the world where the need is great.

FREE ANTI-MALARIA MEDICINE! Click here to see if your medical team qualifies to receive a gift of anti-malaria medicine.

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Blessings Provides Medicine for Major 1Nation1Day Outreach

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Blessings Reportedly Supplies the Only Dental Anesthetic Available in an African Nation!

Andy Oishi, of  Advocates for Africa’s Children, recently wrote Blessings to say, “Thank you Blessings International for giving us the ability to purchase medications and supplies.  We are praying for you and thank God for …
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Blessings International exists to be a blessing to people who are suffering with sicknesses around the world. We are very pleased to announce a special offer to gift up to 50 units of Coartem to …
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